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Bericht uit de Filippijnen, mei 2021

13 mei 2021 / StichtingHadF / Brieven

Een email van rev. Nilo Peig op 23 april 2021

Dear Fr. Koos and Fr. Wim,

On July 2, 2020, Fr. Antonio Alagao, SVD returned to me the amount allotted to him from Fr. Koos’ Fund for the Poor. This is a report on the disbursements from this particular amount through my office as Vicar General.

I. Assistance to people who either lost their jobs so that they have no employment at all, OR who have some employment but only occasionally (meaning either they report only on scheduled days or in alternation with other employees so that all have some employment or have work only when called as needed)

II. Assistance to people for hospitalization, medical check-up, outpatient treatment, therapy, medicines, including one-time help to rent an ambulance

Some of this amount was given for eye surgery to a daughter (Mrs. Araceli Javier) of a former diocesan volunteer worker, the late Mr. Dionisio Villamor, who used to have an early morning program on agriculture over Radio DZPA. Fr. Wim may still remember him.

Another amount was coursed through the local Chapter of the Red Cross, because the staff members were the ones allowed and qualified to deal with sick persons during the strict quarantine period.

III. Assistance to 17 pupils and students for the Second Semester of the School Year 2020-2021, that resumed on January 4, 2021.

IV. Assistance for transportation to persons who are stranded by the continuous on and off lockdowns, so that they can travel out of the province or can travel back to their towns in Abra, once the travel restrictions are eased or lifted. Many of these are the travellers stranded in the boundary in Tangadan between Abra and Ilocos Sur. Some of the amount given may have been used for food.


We are in the middle of another Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine in Abra due to the rise of COVID-19 positive cases until April 30, 2021.


I hear and see the news about the Netherlands on TV. I hope you remain in relatively good health. On behalf of the many beneficiaries, assisted by your financial help, again thank you very much. They all promised to pray for you as I do.

P. Nilo S. Peig